How to Contact Permata Bank Call Center, Easy and Fast

The Permata Bank call center is useful because it is a form of support for customers when experiencing various difficulties. Whether it’s when transacting related to the use of debit to credit cards, as well as various other obstacles. If you belong to this group of private bank customers, then it is worth listening to the following reviews related to call centers.

Before discussing more how to contact the call center, it never hurts to have a quick look at Permata Bank. This is a private company engaged in public financial services or banking. Before being named Permata, this bank was the result of a merger or a combination of 5 other banks.

Currently, the financial company has served more than 3 million users or customers from a total of 62 provinces in Indonesia. Meanwhile, its branch offices have reached more than 300 locations, both conventional and Islamic banks. A large number of customers certainly requires a qualified Permata Bank call center.

Meanwhile, banking financial products that can be accessed by users of private bank services include savings, deposits, credit cards, mutual fund investments, mortgages, venture capital, unsecured loans, and many more. Now, it’s time to discuss the call center in more detail.

How to Call Permata Bank Call Center

As a customer, there is a possibility that you will encounter problems in transactions, be it when using a debit or credit card. In addition, many customers also need information about loans, mortgages, investment opportunities, and various other products. Then the availability of a call center aka call center is a must for the company.

Permata Bank provides several telephone lines for its customers to connect with customer service quickly and easily. For customers belonging to retail and sharia groups, please call numbers 1500 – 111. In addition to calling via this number, complaints or complaints can be sent via email to

Meanwhile, customers from the SME or SME and wholesale groups, aka large-scale customers, can make calls to the Permata Bank call center at 1500 – 399. Meanwhile, complaints via email can be sent to This separation is intended so that customer service officers can serve optimally.

Call center services are charged with pulse rates according to the type of cellular provider you use. Although it requires a special rate, you will get an answer or response from the customer service officer quickly. But if you want it free of charge, you can choose to use email (electronic mail). However, it certainly takes time to receive an answer to a complaint.

Get to know PermataTel and Voice ID

PermataTel is Permata Bank’s call center that serves all of its customers. It is the center of all important answering machine info called Interactive Voice Response abbreviated as IVR. You can access it by making calls to numbers 1500 – 111. These calls can be made from a fixed line or cellular.

The telephone line can be accessed 24 hours a week. This means that you are free to make these calls at any time to get various types of information and assistance. Users of Permata Bank products or services can obtain information related to customer account banking transactions.

In addition, it is also possible to make payment transactions to pay off various bills such as credit cards, installments, telephone, cellular credit, and so on. Of course, each customer can also submit complaints related to the problems they are facing. For example, credit or debit cards are lost or even stolen.

Not only Bank Permata call center called PermataTel, but you also need to know what Voice ID is. This is a biometric technology that can scan voice. This scan is carried out so that the customer data verification process is faster, more practical, and still safe. This Voice ID can be accessed if you have registered via PermataTel 1500-111.

During the registration process, the officer will ask several questions that must be answered. The answer is then recorded and will be used as an authentication step. Thanks to the Voice ID biometric technology, the machine will identify and know the voice of the customer. That way data verification can be completed quickly and easily.

Benefits of Using PermataTel

The benefits that customers can feel when using Permatatel are as follows:

1. Ease of Access

Using PermataTel is very easy, you only need to dial 1500 – 111 via fixed line or cellular phone. This service is available 24 hours non-stop. This means that you can access it anytime and anywhere. Of course, this is a significant help for Permata Bank customers in times of urgency.

2. No need to queue

Making calls to the call center sometimes puts you in line and unable to connect to customer service. But you don’t need to find this because PermataTel’s call center, PermataTel, doesn’t make you wait long in line. That way, all problems can be resolved immediately without wasting much time.

3. Practical and Safe

Voice ID biometric technology provides distinct advantages for Bank Permata service users. With this technology, you can contact PermataTel in a practical and convenient way. This service allows customers to obtain information and submit complaints securely thanks to voice authentication. So, don’t hesitate to use this feature.

4. Lots of Ease of Transactions and Information

Through PermataTel, you can get convenience in any transaction. For example, paying bills, and installments, reloading credit, and transferring funds. Don’t forget to also provide complete information including the number of account balances and transactions, foreign exchange rates, savings products to credit cards, as well as the location of branch offices.

Getting to know the Permata MobileX Application for Millennials

In addition to the Permata Bank call center, you also need to know the Permata MobileX application. This is a tangible manifestation of a digital technology breakthrough that aims to make it easier for customers to access banking products and services. Especially in the digital era like today, the presence of the application is certainly welcomed by customers.

In the Permata MobileX application, there are hundreds of features to make it easier for you to make transactions to check your account. You can check the transfer of funds even in the last 12 months. Fund mutation checking is not only for savings accounts. But also applies to credit cards, mortgages, and others.

Another feature that can be used in this application is investment management. You don’t have to call the Permata Bank call center, through Permata MobileX, you can buy mutual fund units or sell them. Of course, this is an easy and practical way of investing to prepare funds for the future.

There are many more interesting features such as easy and practical loan applications, adding credit card limits, transferring funds, paying with QR codes, and buying various banking products through the PermataStore feature. Security when logging into your account is also guaranteed thanks to the fingerprint and face ID features.

Along with technological developments, bank customers are now increasingly provided with various conveniences in transacting and accessing banking products. You can use it as a practical step and don’t have to bother going to the branch office. By contacting the Permata Bank call center and the Permata MobileX application, everything can be done quickly.