Sun. May 19th, 2019

Tjilik Riwut Airport’s New Terminal Has Officially Start its operation

The New Terminal Tjilik Riwut Airport in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, that has been operating since March 28, was inaugurated on Monday (04/08/2019).

Now, that the new terminal has started to operate officially, Director General of Air Transportation Polana B Pramesti hopes that airport managers will always be prioritizing the aspects of 3S + 1C (safety, security, service and compliance).

“I appreciate the launch of the New Terminal of Tjilik Riwut Airport. Hopefully the operation of the new terminal can provide more convenience to users without ignoring the safety and security aspects, considering that Tjilik Riwut Airport is the main gateway to Central Kalimantan Province, “Polana said in Jakarta on Sunday (04/07/2019).

On a different occasion, the Acting Executive General Manager of Tjilik Riwut Airport, Paryono explained that the new terminal could absorb the aspirations of the community especially towards the desire to increase the number of flight routes to and from Central Kalimantan. The operation of the new terminal is also expected to support the tourism sector and the community economy.

“With the new terminal facilities, and support of the apron area and in regards of the increasing demand, several previously closed routes will be reopened such as flights from Solo – Palangkaraya, Jakarta – Palangkaraya which serve by Batik Air and Citilink,” said Paryono.

In addition of the plan to open a route that was previously closed, Paryono continued, there is also a possibility that a number of airlines would like to open a new flight route from Tjilik Riwut Airport, one of which is Citilink Indonesia with the route Makassar – Palangkaraya vv. Today, the Makassar – Palangkaraya route is servedby Wings Air with ATR 72-600 type aircraft.

Airlines that serve passengers at Tjilik Riwut Airport are Garuda Indonesia, Citilink Indonesia, Batik Air, Lion Air, Wings Air, and Transnusa with a total of 34 aircraft movements.