Sun. May 19th, 2019

Security Issues is Still a Hindrance to the Flight Operation in Papua

Flights to several areas in Papua are often ceased for security reasons. Security disturber in these areas often “occupy” airports in which disrupt flight operations.

“If there are situations or cases that disrupt security, they run to the airport. And it becomes a concern to the airport, “said Usman Effendi, Head of the Office of the Airport Authority (OBU) of X Mopah Region, Merauke, after the opening of the Work-intensive Program of the Directorate General of Air Transportation in Merauke, Thursday (4/4/2019).

The security issue is also an obstacle for routine inspections that carried out by Wil OBU. X. “Inspection is what all of us want to do, but it’s impossible. Last year there were four airports that we didn’t inspect for security reasons. If there was information that the security is not conducive, we would not go there. As in Nduga, one time I was already there, but three days later it happened again (the situation was not safe),” Usman said.

Wil OBU. X Mopah, Merauke, in charge of 35 Airport Organizing Units (UPBU) and five airport Satpel. Based on the Minister of Transportation Regulation Number PM 41 of 2011 concerning the Organization and Work Procedures of the Airport Authority Office, there are 200 airports in the Papua region, which are also the responsibility of their duties.

“For the data based on the latest letter from the Governor of Papua, coupled with the recent one, the number will be 534 airports. “The most airports are here,” Usman said. Because there are too many, two airports, namely UPBU in Nabire and Frans Kaisiepo Airport in Biak, are put in the Wil OBU. IX Rendani, Manokwari, West Papua, which covers 18 airports.

Usman explained, Wil OBU. X has 23 inspectors with various competencies such as airport inspectors, aviation security, air transportation, airworthiness and emergency services. Among other things, there are four female inspectors, one airport inspector and three aviation security inspectors.

He said that recently there were also four assistant inspectors from the Directorate of Aircraft Airworthiness and Operation (DKPPU). So, from five airworthiness inspectors becomes nine inspectors.

“There is still lack of number of inspectors in this area of work. “The competencies must also be improved, even though they regularly take part in training in Jakarta,” said Usman.

He also describes that flight supervision in Papua still needs to be improved, especially to ensure safety and security. Two things that are still obstacles. They are the lack of consistency in the implementation of regulations and the license that often is not valid or expired .

“Often they are late to extend their licenses. If it has expired then it will be difficult since they have to start from the initials phase again, “said Usman, who along with his staff continued to supervise so that the flight sector actors in Papua obey the rules.