Mon. May 20th, 2019

Recollecting Indonesian Carrier

Wings Air

Wings Air

Today, when we are flying with an airline, what first comes to our (Indonesian people’s) mind is Garuda Indonesia, Citilink Indonesia, Batik Air, Lion Air, Sriwjaya Air, AirAsia Indonesia, not to mention Wings Air and NAM Air. These names are among three groups of carrier that still exist up till now. They are Garuda Indonesia group (Garuda and Citilink), Lion Air group (Lion, Wings, Batik), and Sriwijaya Air group (Sriwijaya and NAM). Another one is a part of AirAsia group in Malaysia, which is AirAsia Indonesia complemented with AirAsia Indonesia X.

Also there are small carrier that still flying regularly. They are Susi Air, TransNusa, Express Air, and Trigana Air. And Cardig Air, that flying regularly for cargo. Unfortunately, these scheduled airlines are less popular nowadays, except for people in areas that served by the airlines. In most cases the eastern region, in particular Papua.

Indeed their fleet not too many, except Susi Air that operates more than 20 small aircraft. Therefore, the number of passengers also not too many.

Lion Air group dominate more than 50% of domestic market, which is about 120 million passengers. Garuda Indonesia group cover 30%, whereas 20% is served by other carrier.

What about charter flight? The exact numbers of passengers and aircraft movement has not available yet. However, if they’re still exist, surely the market is there. Not to mention “penerbangan perintis” which is even doesn’t get much fortune than regular or charter flight, still have enough margin to operate.

There are more than 30 charter flight carrier. To name among others are Airfast Indonesia, Travira Air, Pelita Air, Dimonim Air, Surya Air, MyIndo Air, Premiair, Whitesky Aviation, Gatari Air, Pegasus Air, Enggang Air, Komala Indonesia, Indonesia Air Transport, Tri MG, Derazona Air, National Utility Helicopter, Eastindo, Dabi Air, Deraya Air Taxi, Hevilift Aviation, Jhonlin Air, TransWisata Aviation, Unindo Air, Air Pacific, Asia One Air, Alfa Trans Dirgantara, Asconusa Air, Air Born Air, Angkasa Super, Intan Angkasa Air, and also Balai Kalibrasi Fasilitas Penerbangan (Flight Facility Calibration Center) or BKFP.

The lack of interest for “penerbangan perintis” especially in the last two years, got us back to the time when Directorate General of Air Transportation suggest an idea in 2014. He suggest, “BKFP that has already become Badan Layanan Umum (Public Service Agency) or BLU and has AOC 135 could be operate as “penerbangan perintis” operator. However it has not been realized yet.”