BNI Life Call Center to Get Various Information

BNI life call center is intended for customers to get better information about products. BNI life is an insurance product that aims to provide convenience for its users. Where this product is BNI’s commitment to providing the best service for customers.

The service of the product consists of two kinds, namely online and offline so that customers can comfortably obtain it. Even now, digital features make it easier for customers to make claims with a safe and convenient process to do. The bank can accept a 25-minute claim with terms and conditions.

The BNI Life call center is divided into several sections, starting with phone calls, emails, live chat, and even application features. The application can be obtained by downloading it from the Playstore easily through your smartphone. With the development of sophisticated technology as it is now, the existence of service applications is increasingly practical and fast.

Especially with the existence of the application, services can be accessed only through smartphones without any time and place restrictions. When you use this mobile application, various data will be available. The information includes the registered family, the validity period of the policy, to other insurance costs.

BNI Life Call Center in Mobile Application Form

The form of a call center can be very diverse, including a mobile application. Especially now that such applications are more in demand because of the convenience it offers and their practicality. The features themselves can be accessed using various available GSM networks. As a virtual card, the types of information are very detailed and diverse.

This information can include benefits that can be obtained while being a member of insurance such as check-up care, and outpatient care in the form of compensation. Generally, customers receive compensation for grief, as well as care using BPJS. Of course, these benefits can only be obtained after the conditions are met.

BNI Life’s call center through mobile apps also helps customers to see various referral hospitals within a short distance. There is even complete information about referral hospitals such as addresses, telephone numbers to treatment costs. These rights can greatly help customers get faster service.

With mobile apps, it is an easy way to get various facilities only through a smartphone. Especially now that many people have tried to switch to a more sophisticated state, including the use of digital applications. This helps customers not to have to come directly to the service office.

Obtaining Information from the BNI Life Call Center

Apart from mobile applications, there are other ways to obtain various information from BNI Life. One of them is contacting the BNI call center at 1500045. You can also contact us via email at In addition, live chat is also available on the official website, namely

You can also come directly to the available service office to obtain various information and products. These offices are generally located in various areas which are generally big cities. The existence of branch offices covering various existing provincial capitals makes it easier for customers to obtain services.

Contacting the BNI life call center can be done through various social media such as Instagram and Twitter. Thus the service becomes easy to obtain. Generally, help from the call center is available up to 24 hours for a whole week. This of course can be very helpful for customers.

There is also various support regarding product information that customers want to obtain. As part of a service provider, of course, many ways need to be done so that services can be accessed easily by consumers. Especially if the type of service is about insurance where customers need information much more quickly and practically.

BNI Life Call Center Best Service

Many service options are available, such as how to get a claim that is easy and practical. The ease of obtaining these claims is divided into 2 forms, namely 25-minute service and one-day service. Reimbursing 25 minutes itself is considered an innovation in terms of speed.

The existence of the service makes it very easy for customers to make reimbursements. The process of obtaining a claim of course requires terms and conditions that apply to be faster. While the day service is a way for customers to get payments. Various benefits can be obtained easily including bonuses, withdrawal of funds, and so on.

Through the BNI Life call center, you can get easy access to many accesses, including the existence of a network of hospitals that work with insurance companies to service offices. That way the effort to get a claim is much easier. Much information can be obtained by contacting the call center.

Serviced offices are also spread in various big cities in Indonesia so that the claim process itself can be faster. However, if you live outside these big cities, you can also get information using a call center service. Because the method is much more practical and faster.

But unfortunately, the big cities that can be used as places have a limited number. Even so, information can still be obtained easily through call center services. Because customers can access it anywhere and anytime. Customers also don’t have to bother coming directly to the service office to get information.

Other Info About BNI Life Call Center

Many things about BNI Life products can be obtained easily. One of them is the 25-minute reimbursement service, where to get a replacement fee you can submit within that time. Replacement costs can be obtained after the customer fulfills various requirements. The replacement cost is usually sent directly to the beneficiary’s account.

While the requirements for submitting include details of treatment costs, prescriptions and receipts for drug purchases, and so on. In addition, if other supporting examinations are carried out such as laboratories, it can also be submitted by attaching a payment receipt. The cost of the submission itself is up to Rp. 10,000,000.

The BNI life call center also offers other information in the form of a one-day service. This service is a type of insurance with a fast process that is owned by individuals. Several types of one-day service, namely taking policy benefits, closing to switching, and health claims can also be done.

For the nominal amount, which is less than Rp. 100,000,000. While the death claim can reach Rp. 300,000,000. To get the benefit fee, you need to apply directly to the BNI Life branch office and meet with customer service. In addition, various products can be obtained by contacting the call center.

You can also inquire about other products of unit-linked and traditional insurance, health, pensions, group participation such as in companies, telemarketing services, and terms and conditions in order to obtain a claim. In the terms and policies, you will be given various information needed before submitting a claim.

BNI life is an insurance product that is useful for providing guarantees in the form of health, pensions, and so on. With the many services provided, it is not uncommon for customers and prospective customers to experience confusion. Therefore, a service in the form of a BNI Life call center is needed to assist customers in obtaining various information.